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Compustar PRO 1-Button 2-Way Remote Start

In-store purchase only - requires verification of vehicle year, make, and model.


  • Remote start.
  • Keyless entry.
  • CAN / immobilizer module included.
  • Professional installation included.
  • 2x 1-button 2-way remote with up to 2 miles of range (real-world range may vary).
    • "2-way" means that the remote will beep / flash back at you letting you know the command was sent and received.
    • Proximity Lock & Unlock feature - vehicle will lock automatically when you walk away and unlock automatically when you walk up to the vehicle (when feature enabled).
  • DroneMobile smartphone interface included.
    • FREE 30-day trial - paid subscription required after trial.
  • LIFETIME control module warranty.
  • LIFETIME workmanship warranty.
  • EXTENDED 3-YEAR remote control warranty.

Compustar PRO 1-Button 2-Way Remote Start

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