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2023 Toyota Tundra Capstone

This Tundra came to us right off the showroom floor for an audio upgrade - the factory JBL system severely lacks in fidelity and volume. We also fitted this vehicle with a radar and laser countermeasure system.

On top of the core audio and safety enhancements we added, we made some visual changes as well. The client wanted a blacked-out TRD PRO look to the truck. We replaced the front grilles, fender flares, handles, and window trim to achieve that look - all OEM parts.

​The audio system consisted of a 3-way (tweeter, mid-range, and mid-bass) active set of Focal Access speakers for the front of the vehicle and the Access coaxial speakers for the rear passengers. As this was a hybrid there was no room under the seats for a subwoofer enclosure - we fabricated a form-fitted enclosure to go behind the seats housing a JL Audio 13TW5. The system was powered by a Mosconi PICO DSP with built-in amplifier and a PICO mono-block amplifier which was bolted to a factory location under the rear seats via a composite mounting solution we made in-house.

The inner and outer door panels were treated with Focal B.A.M. to reduce resonant vibrations and reduce exterior sound interference.

The K40 front and rear radar receivers were hidden behind the front and rear bumpers. The four (4) laser defuser heads were hidden in bespoke mounting pods with special high-gloss black acrylic to allow for full functionality of the defusers while blending them into the front grille.

2022 BMW M8 Competition

This beautiful BMW M8 came to us practically off the lot for our signature audiophile experience. The front stage consists of Focal Utopia M tweeters, Utopia M 3.5" mid-range speakers, and Morel Integration Performance under-seat 8" subwoofers while the rear fill consists of Focal K2 Power 4" components. LFE is taken care of by two (2) Focal Utopia M 10" subwoofers.

Processing is done through the Mosconi 8to12 Aerospace with the factory headunit as one source and the Astell & Kern SP3000 high-res digital audio player as another source (which is directly connected to the DSP). The system is powered by two (2) Mosconi AS-series full-range amplifiers and a Focal FPX-series mono-block.

The vast majority of the system is designed to appear factory, with the interior of the vehicle virtually unchanged. The subwoofer enclosure was designed and fabricated utilizing the design DNA of the vehicle as well as factory-match materials.

2022 Ford Bronco

This brand new Ford Bronco came factory equipped with the upgraded Bang & Olufsen (B&O) audio system. For this client, the performance and fidelity of the factory system just wasn't cutting it.

We outfitted this Bronco with a set of Focal FLAX-EVO 3-way components for the front stage and 2-way coaxial speakers for the rear fill. All of the speakers were mounted in the factory locations with little to no modification to the vehicle itself. We fabricated a new dash pod to house the mid-range and tweeter, finished with an OEM-styled grille and an aluminum Focal badge. The rear speaker pods were upgraded to support a 6.5" speaker which bolted to the factory location. The factory subwoofer was replaced with an 8" Audiomobile EVO driver in a new enclosure.


The entire vehicle is powered by a small but impactful Mosconi PICO 8|10 DSP and PICO 1. This gave us the flexibility and functionality to adjust the in-vehicle response to provide the best experience and performance for each and every vehicle.

2021 Mercedes S580

This Executive trim S580 is a very well-equipped vehicle with the latest in technologies from Mercedes. It can, however, still get some upgrades from iNNovative to fully round out the audio and safety features.

We installed a state-of-the-art Stinger Radar system featuring directional radar notifications as well as Fiber Laser defusers for maximum performance and protection against the latest radar and laser equipment. The Stinger "View" touch-screen controller provides all of the information and controls right at your finger-tips. We fabricated a composite adapter for the "View" that bolts to the vehicle to emulate the look and feel of the cluster - as if it was just an extension of the cluster. The controller can still be removed from it's magnetic base if desired.


The factory Burmester system have great processing features but just could not provide the bass response the client was looking for. We designed and fabricated this enclosure taking design cues and materials from the inside of the vehicle. Two (2) Focal K2 12" subwoofers, powered by a Mosconi AS class-AB amplifier provided the necessary bass that the client desired. A sub-level control knob mounted in the center console allowed for attenuation or accentuation of the bass response as the client desired.