Backup Camera

A backup camera allows you to see what's behind you while in reverse. Backup cameras can be added to any vehicle with many options for viewing the image behind you; from a small monitor, to having the image displayed through your rear-view mirror, or even an aftermarket radio replacement, there's always a way to make your driving experience safer.

Backup Sensors

Backup sensors give you the extra safety and security while reversing. Whether you can see what's behind you or not, backup sensors will notify you if something is behind you with audible notifications that will increase in frequency the closer your vehicle comes to an object or objects behind you.

Blindspot Detection

Blindspot detection units will make sure changing lanes is safe. No one likes the feeling when you go to change lanes and then realize someone was next to you and you didn't even see them! With blindspot detection you'll get a visual and auditory warning when someone is in your blindspot so that you can "see" that which you cannot.

Dash Cameras

Dash cameras provide a video documentation of your daily commute along with protection when you're away from the car. We only carry the highest quality dash cameras with HD front AND rear cameras. Most of our camera systems have motion and impact event recording - if someone walks close to the vehicle or your vehicle sustains an impact, the camera will automatically mark the event and notify you when you get in the car. Dash cameras can also show what really happened out on the roadway and take away from the he said, she said scenerio!

Radar & Laser Detectors

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