Headunit Replacement

The source unit is one of the main and integral parts of the vehicle's audio system. A great foundation begins with a great source unit. We offer many units that will meet your needs while also being affordable and increasing the compatibility with your mobile devices and enhancing your in-car experience.

Digital Signal Processor

With factory radios coming with more features and/or being needed for proper functionality of the vehicle, changing out the headunit may not be the best or most plausible option. If you're still looking to upgrade the audio reproduction in your car, a digital signal processor may be the right upgrade.

A digital signal processor allows us to take the audio output from your factory radio, correct issues with the equalization, fully add aftermarket amplifiers, and create a better sound experience.

Speaker Upgrades

Even a small, yet affordable upgrade from your factory speakers will make a vast difference in the quality of sound reproduction in your vehicle.

At iNNovative we use composite speaker adapters; this means your speaker is mounted to a secure piece that will not fail down the road. With varying options dependant on the vehicle and the listener's preference, there are many things to consider when upgrading your vehicle's speakers. Let us work with you to find the best option for you.

Full-Range and Subwoofer Amplifiers

One of the best ways to achieve better overall clarity while having the ability to reach greater output is adding an aftermarket amplifier. Factory and even aftermarket headunits have their limitations on output, once reached sound clarity will be sacrificed to achieve greater volume, which will lead to great amounts of distortion and possibly premature speaker failure.


Most audio system lack the bass response desired to really experience and feel the music. A subwoofer can really improve the overall sound quality and give you the sound experience you've been looking for.

Even if you have a factory system, a subwoofer can be added while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle.

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